Januari 30, 2012

Ninja Saga Talent Hack New

  2. Fiddler2 DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Browser MZ Firefox or Chrome
  1. First Equipt: Dragon Fist, Head Kick, Cannonball Strike, Swift Kick, Three Combat Rapid, Rapid Kick, Rapid Fist
  2. Then Drag Swf File In fiddler2
  3. Clear Browsing Data
  4. Refresh Ninja Saga
  5. Then Done

How to Clear Browsing Data or Clear Chace:
  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Click OK
  • For Google Chrome: Select the icon in the upper right corner (next to the star) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
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