Soul Crash Hack Cash

To day i have two tutorial explain about Soul Crash Hack, the first Soul Crash Energy Hack and the second Soul Crash Weapon Hack. Yesterday i also had to explain about Soul Crash Item Hack Permanent With Charles. To the point! The Third Soul Crash hack tutorial in this day is Soul Crash Hack Cash.

Soul Crash Hack Cash

Soul Crash Hack Cash
Tools requirement:

  • If the charles doesn’t show the money   tab go to your facebook privacy setting > security > secure browsing and uncheck the ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible’ > SAVE
  • This is not permanent   but it allows you to buy the CASH item permanently.

  1. Download and Instal Charles Proxy
  2. Open Charles Proxy
  3. (In Soul Crash) Go to Shop VIP
  4. Then, in charles expand "http://sc.gaiainteractivegames"
  5. Right click the money and select "breakpoint"

  6. Click the Cash Item that what you want.
  7. The breakpoints tab will appear. Execute 1 time
  8. Click ‘Edit Response’ > ‘XML Text‘.
  9. Change the <CASH>????</CASH> to <CASH>30000</CASH>.

  10. Now click buy. The game will get an error. Do NOT refresh yet
  11. In charles expand >
  12. Remove the breakpoints for the “money” and you can refresh the game now (To remove, Right click money and select breakpoints )
  13. Right click the “buy_item” and select breakpoints

  14. Go to Shop VIP again
  15. Set breakpoints to the money again.
  16. Repeat Steps 5 to 10 now.
  17. Go back to soul crash and hit buy.
  18. Go to charles and the breakpoints buy_item tab will appear.
  19. Go to Edit Request > FORM
  20. Change the “Count=1” to “Count=0” and “Value=1” to “Value=0

  21. Click execute 2 times.
  22. Now you can remove the breakpoints
  23. You are now wearing the CASH ITEM.
  24. Just repeat steps 14-20 when you have the buy_item on your breakpoint.

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