22 July, 2013

Ninja Saga ATM XP and GOLD (new 2013)

Ninja Saga ATM XP and GOLD (new 2013), the cheat work 100% and super fast delay 10 sec, feature cheat atm exp 2013 : cheat gold, xp, chunin exam, jounin exam, special jounin exam, tp mission instant.

Ninja Saga Menu Panel Hack v.1 Update ‎Monday, ‎22 ‎July, ‎2013
Pass / Code Menu Panel Hack v.1 : RgdhkHtd

How to use cheat atm exp 2013?
Steps :
  1. Download File
  2. Extrach rar >> set the Password
  3. Open Fiddler 2 >> Select AutoResponder tab (icon lightning)
    Tick:   Enable Automatic Responses
              Unmatched request passthrought
  4. Drag swf file to Auto responder table
  5. Open your browser >> Must Clear Chache (Important)
  6. Reload/Refresh the Page
  7. Login to Ninja Saga >> Go to Headquater >> use this pass: RgdhkHtd
  8. Select then Exchange the hack, Happy Cheating !
Description: Ninja Saga ATM XP and GOLD (new 2013) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Deny Roger - ItemReviewed: Ninja Saga ATM XP and GOLD (new 2013)

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