08 March, 2013

8 Ball Pool Hack Line-Update March 2013

8 Ball Pool. Play billiards eight ball 8 ball pool, with other players online. You have to put all the balls and finally the ball number 8. There are several levels of players, as you gain experience your level will increase.

8 Ball Pool Hack Line is functioning to make a line in the billiard table so his ball always entered. 8 Ball Pool Hack Line requires a software cheat engine.

8 Ball Pool Hack Line Tools :
8 Ball Pool Hack Line Steps :
  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Open Facebook and go to 8 Ball Pool
  3. Open Process (Mozilla=plugin-container.exe | Google Chrome=chrome.exe) or perhaps FlashPlayer.
  4. Change 4 Byte to Array of Byte
  5. Scan and replace code below :
    • GuideLineLength
      24 0A 2A D2 A2 A0 A2 A0 24 0A A1
      24 0a 2a d2 a2 a0 a2 a0 24 0a a2
    • GuideLineSize
      00 00 60 d3 44 24 02 60
      00 00 60 d3 44 24 10 60
N0TE : Scan & Replace the code in the Game Lobby.

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  1. oh ya gan ad video tutornya??

  2. gan sekarang udah ga bisa trik itu,,, reques yang baru donk

  3. coba pake yang ini, lo yang ini pasti bisa soalnya saya baru saja mencobanya sendiri


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