23 April, 2013

8 Ball Pool Hack Line with .CT

8 Ball Pool Hack Target Line with CT, This hack is useful to helps us in the 8 Ball Pool game. With this hack, the target line will be longer and wider making it easier for us to enter the ball.
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Equipment in 8 Ball Pool Hack Line with .CT

Steps in 8 Ball Pool Hack Line with .CT
  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Download file CT
  3. Open 8 Ball Pool
  4. Open Cheat Engine, select process to open then select (FlashPlayerPlugin or Plugin-container.exe for firefox) or (chrome.exe for google chrome, select the most correct)
  5. Open cheat table or unprotected cetrainer (ctrl+o) then select the file that you downloaded.
  6. tick all the boxes
  7. For more details, see the video below:

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