September 14, 2013

Sky Topia Hack oombucks Permanent

Sky Topia Hack oombucks Permanent. With this cheat you will be very easy to get Oombucks for free, Oombucks obtained are permanent.

Information about Sky Topia Facebook Game:
In SkyTopia, you will rescue amazing new creatures and give them fascinating new homes, while creating a beautiful nature preserve for them to thrive in. Rescue as many islands as you can from the nasty blight and make your own utopia in the sky! Play this game

Tools required:
  1. Cheat Engine 6.1 or 6.2

    Free Download Cheat Engine 6.1

  2. Your Browser (tested on mozilla firefox)
Steps Hack:
  1. Log in to your facebook account and play Sky Topia
  2. Open cheat engine, select process browser
  3. Value type: 4byte
  4. First scan the amount of oombucks you have, then buy somethig using oombucks. (buy resources that costs 1 oombucks)
  5. then click next scan (Do it over and over again until you get one address)
  6. Moving address obtained to Adderss List then change value to all you want (I suggest not too excessive.)
  7. Below is video tutorial:
Description: Sky Topia Hack oombucks Permanent Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Deny Roger - ItemReviewed: Sky Topia Hack oombucks Permanent

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I will fix it, as best I can.

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